Hello, my name is... Adam Victor Lattimore

"Recording represents the future. The concert hall represents the past."
[ - Glenn Gould ]

My Name is Adam Victor Lattimore
(some people call me "aVL"... Yes, The "a" Is Lower Case)

I've been a recording artist since 2001
(and a performing artist since 2010)

I call my style Word-Hop
(Spoken-Word Poetry meets Hip-Hop & Electronica Production)

I mostly distribute my recordings for free.

If you enjoy what you see & hear at this site, please feel free to share with a friend or family member
(you can also support my efforts by purchasing the The Gordon Ballou Collection)

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P.S. To learn more about me, listen to every recording you can find on this site.
(the details of my story are there.... no, the details of our story are there)

I've been inspired by
- The wondering word-jazz of Ken Nordine
- The eclectic cadence of Mike Skinner's The Streets
- The all-in-one of Imogen Heap
- The sincere soul of Gil Scott-Heron
- The nocturnal nightmares of KiD CuDi
- The dark detail of Joe Frank's radio dramas
- The life within the art of Laurie Anderson
- The collage of N.E.R.D.
- The viral spark of The Lonely Island
- The unexpectedness of Childish Gambino
- The D.I.Y. of Matthew Ebel
- The inspiration of Derek Sivers
- The genius of Richard Pryor
- The positive, steady consistency of Jimmy Fallon
- The versatility of Donald Glover
- The everything of Andre 3000
- The one (and only) will.i.am
- The look-a-like-ness of Pharrell Williams
- The audacity of Barack Obama
- The perfect imperfections of Cee Lo Green
- The back to the future of Timbaland
- The mash-ups of Danger Mouse
- The pristine polish of The Neptunes
- The poetry of The Beatles
- The method of Motown
- The nine weeks of Ariel Hyatt
- AND Reggie Watts

"Treat the recording studio as a laboratory for conceptual thinking -- rather than as a mere tool."
[ - Brian Eno ]

Last Updated: Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013