From the recording Ally In The Valley

Originally a poem I wrote, inspired by a good friend of mine.

I decided it would have more impact if it were brought to life as a Word-Hop recording.

This track began my evolution as an artist in the digital age. It showed me a new method of creativity and an untapped perspective on my surroundings in life.


"Ally In The Valley"
[by Adam Victor Lattimore]

Ally In The Valley

Welcome one and all
Get cozy comfy
As I share with you
This story

Ally In The Valley [x4]

A tale of friend found
Friend gone, far away
Friend re-found, even if indirectly
Formulation of a fix, for friend far-off
And all that follows

Ally In The Valley [x3]

It seemed an unlikely scenario, from my perspective
But I've come to learn
It's the sort of thing
That, now, is common place

Don't think of the valley in a literal sense, geographically
The valley in this tale is but a metaphor
A hypothetical host for communication
Somewhere between interaction, and the lack thereof

It can apply to a great many situations
Regardless of time or place
It's where I found Ally
And I'm learning it's where a growing number
Are re-finding Ally's of there very own

Ally In The Valley [x2]

The occasional words exchanged
On individual schedules
Borderline public exchanges
For even the passer by to observe

In one space
"Oh, what a delight to find you"
"No, I must say, The delight was mine..."
"...I smiled the moment I thought of your name.."
"...I hope all is well"

Similar versions can take new forms
From book to book
You are charming
You are to kind

I think she could be a cat person?
I'll do the research...
Or wait, has it been done for me?

Ally In The Valley [x2]

I want to thank the book of face
And the space of my

Ally In The Valley [x2]