"Team Pribonimore"
[by Adam Victor Lattimore & Nick Pribonic]

We're gonna take 'em back with this one, Nick

Pribonimore the name of the team
Hanging out 365 it seem
The turth of the matter, as I see
We're bonded by the music, that's the real key
Time and again, I looked to my friend
Working real hard, He showed me how to win
Take my design, It's shaped for your mind
Wasn't always this way, I had to seek and find

Team Pribonimore
Take 'em back, Nick

Honesty, comments, feedback from this kid
Fed my lyrical progress, yes it did
He had my back, but he spoke the truth
He didn't let me slack, see here's the proof
From Westerville, north side of C-bus
That's not where the journey ends for us
Nick can see past these walls
And I know the voice of destiny, she calls

Team Pribonimore
Take 'em back, Nick

Follow very closely what these guys do
Future of the business is in these two
We've got ideas you thought absurd
Take your negativity and follow the herd
In the meantime we'll blaze a new path
We'll do you favor and spare you our wrath
Later in life look up in admiration
Try not to blame us for your frustration

Team Pribonimore
One last time