1. New Ideas

From the recording New Ideas



"New Ideas"
[by Adam Victor Lattimore]

New Ideas

From time to time
When I start new idea
I have my plan in order
Then, it changes completely
Sometimes it'll change a lot
I'm talking like
From plan "A" to plan "Z"
Yeah, yeah

New Ideas
Thought you knew
New Ideas
On to plan "Q"
New Ideas
Got one from you
New Ideas
New Ideas

My new ideas
Stem from true ideas
Perhaps an extension of dreams
My effort to better the world
Shining the light
Wherever I can
Never ceasing work
Never lacking new inspiration

Now some new ideas
I hope to really sing for you guys
Another new idea
Assemble an all-star team of artists
Performing live is on the back burner
Perhaps a swing at writing a musical
Then there's life
Marriage, family, couple kids

Just a couple
New Ideas