1. Jennifer

From the recording Jennifer



[by Adam Victor Lattimore]

Fan of Rockapella
I'ma do this a capella
You'll only hear my voice
My professional choice

Still make a bunch of noise (GO)

I'ma try this
No pad, no pen
Already thanked Ben
Now here's one for Jen

Not the "Bennifer" you might be thinkin'
Two of my friends any day of the week, and
Any time of the year
Tick tock
"Happy Anniversary, Dear"

Congratulations, my praise is belated
But but, I'm still quite elated
That you dated
That you're dating
Sometimes relationships can be frustrating
But ya'll do well. There's no debating

I must salute you, and U2
For you see, you two
Wouldn't be the same "With Or Without You"
End Quote.
You said it, I saw it

Online at the place
Designed for your face
The sequel cousin to your-yourSpace
The my-place of discovery
It's so 'love-a-ly'
Musically helped many-a-band
In the mindset of "listen here, man"
Want the big break
Contract, handshake

As for my discovery...
Won't be on the stage
It'll be on a webpage
Someone might give me a chance
But wait, I do what I do
I gave myself a chance

Ignore portions of my rant
Take what you take
It will be what you make
Like cooking ingrediants
Of a birthday cake

Which, reminds me of my mistake
Wishing 'Happy Birthday' on this late date
Wrote your birthday note
In the style of Wayne
A cryptic puzzle to freeze your brain

In freeze frame...
Picture in slow motion
I'm just toastin'
Focus like roasting

Back to Ms. T
Jen dating Ben
That one, he knew
Surprise Surprise
Happy "Birth-D"
And Anniversary