MMM: I thought it would be a good idea to interview the new guy to give you a chance to know him. So, let's jump right in to it. What's your name?

AVL: My name is Adam Victor Lattimore

MMM: Where do you come from?

AVL: "Where do I come from?"... well, I was born in Syracuse. New York but currently reside in the state of Ohio...does that answer the question?

MMM: What brings you here today?

AVL: uh.. I don't know... the internet, maybe

MMM: OK, rapid fire round...READY, SET, GO. Favorite Color:

AVL: Green

MMM: Favorite TV Show:

AVL: Saturday Night Live

MMM: Favorite Movie:

AVL: Fight Club

MMM: Favorite Human:

AVL: Teena Nguyen

MMM: Favorite Song:

AVL: "All My Life" by K-Ci & JoJo

MMM: Favorite Performer:

AVL: Michael Jackson

MMM: Favorite Album:

AVL: A Grand Don't Come For Free by The Streets

MMM: WOW that was crazy.... Now tell us a bit about about your work

AVL: Well, I spend most of my time as freelance audio engineer, recording bands in studios or running live sound equipment... and recently I've been asked by Mr. Multimedia Man to join his team in a very multifunctional capacity. (Co-creating ideas, Editing Video, and a number of things that I couldn't possibly fathom.)

MMM: Sounds like fun...

AVL: Indeed

MMM: Well Mr. Lattimore thank you for taking this time to sit down with us today and we look forward to watching your star rise and then explode into oblivion.

AVL: Thank You?... i think