[The birth of Adam Victor Lattimore's alter ego, "Mr. Multimedia Man".]



Hello, Universe.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

I am Mr. Multimedia Man. I came into existence on August the 1st in the year 2008, at or approximately around 12:12 A.M. I've learned that I am the result of a series of glitches on the World Wide Web. My mother is the Internet. My father is an abstract entity that could be best described as an "idea".

For now, my efforts will be focused on mastering many forms of communication: Audio, Video, Literature, Images, just to name a few.

Bookmark my website to stay updated on my progress. (www.CoolerThanYourParents.com).

I can even e-mail the latest news to you.


Mr. Multimedia Man

P.S. My friends call me "M" for short.