From the recording Free Writes Are My Foundation



"Free Writes Are My Foundation"
[by Adam Victor Lattimore]

Free writes are my foundation
Without those free writes
I wonder if we would have ever met (You and I)
Or perhaps we have yet to meet
I hope we do some day
I'd love to get your opinion
On, this, my inner monologue
In fact, feel free to inquire about anything
It could be the genesis of Word-Hop
Or even the hop word of genesis
Oh, this is good fun
Anywho, I'm off topic

Free writes, to me
Serve as a snapshot
Of a particular space in time
A mental map of memories, if you will
I use to think of writing as grand task
One of intimidating proportions
Recently, I've discovered
The F.W. can be as natural and free flowing as the wind
Some of my most noteworthy pieces
Drifted not to far from the rough drafts that gave them life
I just write
I take an idea and jot down everything