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Adam Victor Lattimore: Free Music! & Lyrics

Ciana Duran

(Adam Victor Lattimore)
July 18, 2010

Today Ben Peer is Chris Rock

Today Ben Peer is Clint Eastwood

Collaboration Test


Cotton Candy Poncho

Cotton Candy Poncho (Live on December 10th, 2010)


D.I.A.D.O. Part I

Dance Of A Dozen

Danger Twin Challenge

(Adam Victor Lattimore)
March 1, 2009

alternate version of a track from the album Turnaround Time

Danger Twin Challenge (Remix)

Dashboard Burrito

Today Ben Peer is David Letterman

(Adam Victor Lattimore)
January 11, 2009

from the album Today Ben Peer is...
Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Today Ben Peer is... David Letterman

Sometimes I just don't get the joke.

Day In And Day Out

Day In And Day Out [A Cappella]

Today Ben Peer is The Dream Team: Brandon Woerner, Tyrone Rutherford, Odine Hong

Drift Away

Driver Kyle - featuring Benjamin Hilton, Odine Hong, Matthew Hurt, Rachelle Petty

(Marcus Miscellaneous)
May 4, 2010
Written by M. Miscellaneous,
R. Logue, M. Scholl, V. Baldyga, S. Stuver
from the forthcoming album
Chapter One: I Was Born In A Suit, But I Live In A Time Capsule
Also included on the album Will Word-Hop For Food, Vol. 1

Today Ben Peer is Dwight Schrute



Elementary School Giant - featuring Nick Pribonic

Today Ben Peer is Eli Porter

Enter The Ville

Ephesians 5:15-20 (NIV)


First Time

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