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Adam Victor Lattimore: careuhhlynn

careuhhlynn 1994 of 1988

Posted on May 12, 2018

[Notification at 8:51 am]: sydown (@downey1950_w) liked [my] Tweet.

[note-to-self]: If I have 1979 left to go...
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History/education major. Retired.Gardener,reader,tv freak,swimmer,counselor,friend,
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[10:19am]: Whale saves scientist's life.

[10:24am]: A discussion on navigating this world in a brown body.

[11:39am]: An Author’s Guide to Making Poetry Submissions.

[12:09pm]: "This is my business. I am now professionally selling poetry in honor of my book ZerøPøint: Eternal Beauty." - Charles Emmanuel Wills of Saint Louis, MO

[12:51pm, Thank You @careuhhlynn for this retweet]: a quote on expectations/demands of black racial etiquette from Leon F. Litwack's, Trouble in Mind (p.199): "They don't sing as they used to [an Atlanta white woman told a northern visitor]. You should have known the old darkeys of the plantation. Every year, it seems to me, they have been losing more and more of their carefree good humour. I sometimes feel that I don't know them any more. Since the riot [1906] they have grown so glum and serious that I'm free to say I'm scared of them!"

[13:00]: I tweeted you twenty-four hours ago. Now, I'm planning/drafting today's tweet. I hope to have it ready by 4pm. (Allowing room for a punctual 5pm "clock out.")

[14:00]: "khaki pants experiment: 004"

[15:00]: "razor: N/A"

[16:00]: directions from Tiger World (4400 Cook Rd, Rockwell, NC 28138)

[17:00]: My favorite retweet by @hggood was about Florida alligators

Adam Victor Lattimore

[note-to-@careuhhlynn]: Here's today's "time card."
Britney Spears
#PieceOfMe is coming to select cities in North America, Europe and the U.K.! See you this summer ??
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Fall Out Boy
New album M A N I A featuring The Last Of The Real Ones out now - stream + download Tour Dates: ????
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"When a man starts out to build a world, he starts first with himself." - Langston Hughes

Jeremy Leatherman
I like NASCAR ( Numbar 3 fer Life), I go to Liberty University and usually don't wear anything but underwear.
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