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Adam Victor Lattimore: careuhhlynn

careuhhlynn 0029 of 1988

Posted on December 1, 2018

[TO]: Joseph Vadala
[CC]: Zach Binder
[FROM]: Adam Victor Lattimore
[DATE]: Saturday 01 December 2018
[SUBJECT]: Welcome

Joseph Vadala
Singer/Songwriter and Software Developer
- Columbus, OH
- Joined January 2016
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Carl Borden
Composer, Producer, Engineer, Recording Artist. Spreading love and peace through music. Record Label: @RealMusicLabel
- Orlando, Florida, USA
- View broadcasts
- Joined September 2010
- Born January 07
2 Followers [i] know
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Zach Binder
Co-Founder + President of @bellivyinc. Entrepreneur, Marketer and Consultant. I love graphs that go up and to the right.
- Santa Monica, CA
- Joined April 2009
- Born January 03
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Adam Victor Lattimore

P.S. About | Joseph Vadala

"Hey guys! Joseph Here. I know it’s the “cool” thing to do to write these bios in the 1st person, but it’s also “cool” to maintain an aura of mystery around yourself and your music as a singer/songwriter, and my goal is to do neither.

I write music to heal my own wounds and the wounds of others. Considering I mostly write from the darker side of things, this may surprise you, but I know first hand the healing power of listening to a song that understands the same pain you’re feeling. I know how therapeutic singing along with a song teary-eyed can be.

If someone feels less alone in the pain they are feeling while listening to my music, that is success to me.

Not all my music is sad and not all of it from a place of pain, but my goal in everything I write is to be real with the listener and real with myself. I’m not going to write what I think people will like or what I think a radio station may want to pick up one day. I’m also not going to write to try to be different or to appeal to the minority. I’m going to write from where I am. If the lyrics and emotion of the song require a certain sound, that’s what I will do.

This isn’t to say I don’t hope people like what I do, as there is no greater joy in this world than someone being moved by a song I’ve written. I not only hope people love what I do, I hope it helps them to feel better when the song is done than when it began. I hope it helps them to better understand and come to terms with their own feelings. And I hope they can sing along and feel that I’m a friend with them through whatever they’re going through.

Speaking of friends, feel free to reach out to me whenever! I’d love to get to know you if you’d like to get to know me. If you want to just drop a note about what you like or don’t like about one of my songs, want to tell me your life story, or talk NFL (GO BRONCOS!), I’d be thrilled to talk to you about any of it or whatever else!

If you do like what I do, please share it! If you think someone else could benefit from a message in one of my songs or from anything I do, send me their way! Thank you so much for reading this and visiting my site and I hope to hear from you!


Vertical Horizon, Poets of the Fall, Five For Fighting, Breaking Benjamin, Goo Goo Dolls, Sanctus Real, John Denver, Lifehouse, The Fray, Our Lady Peace"

P.P.S. [@careuhhlynn]: I'm following 1,888.